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Conversation Cafés

Join us for a cup of coffee and conversation every Wednesday, 7-9pm, at the Wild Flour Artisan Bakery Café.

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Meet the BIB Team

Meet the facilitation and planning teams behind the Banff Ideas Bank, and find out why they enjoy being involved!

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Our Story, Our Community

Who are we and what do we do exactly? Find out more about our mountain community and how good ideas can make it a better place.

What is the Banff Ideas Bank?

The Banff Ideas Bank is a community group that meets every first Wednesday of the month to discuss a variety of topics with the purpose of creating an aware, active, and caring citizenry that generates ideas for the purpose of enhancing our society.

Ideas generated during conversation are documented and presented to the Town of Banff Council for review and consideration.  Based on the cafe discussions, we write an article each month for Banff’s local newspaper, The Crag & Canyon, which you can also read on our blog.

Join us next month!  We’d love to hear your ideas.


Featured Idea Deposits


Why do young people come to Banff?

What are they seeking?  What do they need in order to stay and contribute to the community?


Being Canadian

What does it mean to be ‘Canadian’? How can Canadians best contribute to a better world?

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Why do we laugh?

What makes you laugh? How has laughter helped or healed you?

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